Paper Money - 2021


⚈ Incense Paper Money from China
⚈ 15,5 x 7,5 cm / 6,10 x 2,95 inch
⚈ Front and back signed
⚈ Ink and acrylic
⚈ 2021

Ask for more pictures if interested.

Ancestral money is used to send money and material wealth to family members in the afterlife. The use of joss paper is often seen at funerals, on ancestors' birthdays, and on important holidays such as Ching Ming and Hungry Ghost festivals. The most traditional types of joss paper are bamboo paper squares decorated with aluminum foil, spirit money designed to resemble legal tender, and artifacts in the shape of ordinary household items such as shoes, clothes and jewelry. Offerings of ancestral money going to the spirit world are passed on. In today's modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to show respect to elders and departed family members.

Please note: Paper money is not legal tender issued by any bank or government agency and has no cash value.